True Story No.7

i love you because…

Twenty four years since you left us, an yet it feels like yesterday.  You really left us too young [my mother was 47 when she passed], and while your life was not always easy…having you around always made my life better.  There are no words to thank someone who truly sacrificed everything for her family.

Our relationship was one of those classic “you don’t know what you have until you lose it’ kind of relationships.  I never understood how much easier life was with you around.  How although at times, I’m sure I made you crazy, you always took my side (even if I was in the wrong).  Even when I lost my way, you were always there to guide me back on track.  For as long as I can remember, you always had my back!  In your eyes I could do no wrong.

you always had my back.

You gave me the strength to take on the world.  You gave me the courage to challenge the norm and fight for what I believed.  You gave me the comfort of knowing I could fall, and you would always catch me.  We had a connection, a bond that no one can ever replace.  Just seeing you cry would send tears streaming down my face, seeing you laugh, would instantly put a smile on my face, and watching you live and breathe your Latin Roots, has planted the same roots deep in my soul.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what we would be doing today if you were still here.  Eating, chatting, and crafting up a storm with some loud music on…or perhaps planning our next trip to Uruguay.  Whatever we would be doing, I know we would be together.

Today, because of you, I continue to invest and grow 365because…you are my reason to strive to achieve success.  I hope when you look down on us, you realise your sacrifices were not in vain and you are proud of what we have achieved.

~ I dedicate this to my Mum – Raquel Oliver