True Story No.6

i love you because…

When I look back on my childhood, I have nothing but fond memories and for that, I thank my parents.  Although we were never rich, we always had a warm bed at night, food on the table, and more cuddles than we could ask for.  We were blessed to learn two languages; play competitive tennis and I can still remember the day my dad came home with an Atari.

The only reason my sister and I were able to experience such a happy, safe childhood was because of the sacrifices my parents made.  When I think about what they went through to give their family a better future, words cannot express my gratitude.  We were born in Uruguay, a tiny country in South America and had we grown up there, our lives today, would be so very different.

Thinking back to what I was doing in my early 20’s, I could not imagine leaving my friends, traveling a million miles away, to live in a country I couldn’t even speak the language of.  Yet that is exactly what my parents did.  They left their family and friends…travelled to the other side of the world…and although English was not their first language, they both landed in Australia with two suitcases, two young children and two jobs (one each).

you sacrificed so much for us.

There is no doubt in my mind the decision my parents made so early in their lives, despite having a positive impact on our lives, was not always easy.  Many tears were shed while listening to a voice recorded cassette tape, the arrival of a handwritten letter or the occasional, old fashion house phone, international call.  I know it could not have been easy…at times scary, yet all along having to provide and protect your family.

I am truly grateful for all the sacrifices you made then and continued to make as I was growing up, oblivious to it all.  I’m grateful for the opportunities you allowed me to have.  And I’m grateful for the love you continue to give me today!  I hope when you reminisce on your life, it’s with a smile, a sense of pride and above all, a great sense of achievement.

~ I dedicate this to my Dad – Nestor Oliver