i love you because…

There are people in the world who are just beautiful people…inside and out!  People who shine with such a bright light that draws you in.  They have this calmness about them that makes you appreciate the time you spend together.  I am thankful for every precious minute I have spent with my cousin Erika.

Life was never meant to be easy, and some people receive more than their fair share of challenges.  It’s how we ride these waves…how we come out on the other side that shape who we become.  Despite all the battles you have had to endure, you have grown to become a beautiful, caring, smart young lady.

you’re a survivor.

Never have I heard you question, deny, or complain about the cards you were dealt.  You just accepted it and took it in your stride.  Although there is no doubt it was hard at times, you maintained a level of innocence and joyfulness that I’ve always admired.  I wish we lived closer, so we could have played as children…I wish we lived closer, so we could share stories…I wish we lived closer, so you could shine your light on me.

While you have gone on to achieve many great things in your life, in August 2015, you blessed us all with your greatest accomplishment yet…Germán.  He is such a mini you.  He too has this aura around him that attracts nothing but positivity.  With you by his side to guide him through this wonderful world we live in, he is bound to have a long and happy life.

You should be proud of the success you experience today…I know your mum would be.

You deserve all the happiness in the world.

~ I dedicate this to my Cousin – Erika Cabrera