i love you because…

I had decided to finally make the long overdue trip to visit my family.  It had been over 24 years since I had last seen my Cousin now living in Vienna.  My mother would tell us stories of him that were always full of love and laughter and while my Cousin was known as the ‘troubled one’ of the family, I know she had a soft spot for him.  I grew up knowing that while we were oceans apart from our family, they were always close at heart!

I had finally landed and was making my way out of the airport.  Although I was super excited, a small part of me was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what I would find.  My Cousin now had his own family…he was married to a beautiful woman who I had only seen in photos, he had two children and he had planted his roots well and truly in Vienna.  I would be a mere stranger to him and his family.  Would I be getting in their way?  Had too much time gone by?  Would he even remember who I was?  What if we didn’t recognise each other?  And then, as I struggled, pushing my suitcases around the corner…I saw him.

you welcomed me with open arms.

Instantly I felt a connection…the excitement in his step as he made his way around to me gave me all the reassurance I needed to know I had made the right decision to visit.  He welcomed me with open arms, and gave me the warmest, tightest and most comforting embrace.  At that moment I knew we had a bond that no matter how much time had passed it couldn’t be broken!

Over the next week, I went on to meet his beautiful family and some of his friends.  We spend every day together.  He opened his heart and showed me a small part of his life.  We laughed until we cried, we drank coffee, we walked, we talked…and he gave me the greatest gift of all…his Time.

It was obvious why he had finally settle in Vienna.  He was truly happy!

~ I dedicate this to my Cousin – Gustavo Allidi-Bernasconi.