Planning is the key

You’ve finally made the decision to give that someone special a personalised gift…Congratulations.  Now the fun part begins.  Never before has the joy of giving been so rewarding for both the giver of a gift and the receiver of the gift.

Much like all good things, taking a little bit of time to plan can make all the difference.  You can even start planning while you wait for your kit to arrive.  Here are some tips to complete your kit.

Before you start

Now that you have made the decision to personalise the perfect gift for someone special, you can get started immediately.  If you are waiting for your kit to arrive and you are eager to get started, take some time to plan.

Start to think about the happy times you have spent together.  What are some of the things that remind you of that special someone?  Gather some photos, letters, or cards they may have given you.  What are the things that remind you the most of that person?  Their favourite song, their smell or even a favourite book.  Close your eyes… think of that person… what are the feelings you have?  Do they make you feel safe?  put a smile on your face?  or does it fill your heart with joy?

Don’t wait for your kit to arrive to start writing down some of the reasons!  Start a list…either on your phone, an excel spreadsheet or just in the back of your diary.  Reasons tend to come to you at any time of the day…once you start writing them down, you will be amazed how easy one leads to 5 and 5 leads to 10 and so on.

Getting started

So the day has come to start your kit.  Take some time to set the mood.  Put yourself somewhere you can spread out, you can’t be interrupted and somewhere you are comfortable.  Spread out the items you have selected to remind you of that special someone.  You are ready to experience the joy that is 365Because.

Here are some more ideas…

Grab a drink, some nibblies and put some music on.

Put your phone on silent.

Grab a few different pens…mix it up a little.

While you’ll find you get on a roll with some memories, its important to take a few breaks and walk around the house.


I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did! xx